"Tazama, naja kama mwivi. Heri akeshaye, na kuyatunza mavazi yake, asiende uchi hata watu wakaione aibu yake...ufunuo 16:15"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Nations are breaking, Israel's awaking,
The signs that the bible foretold,
The gentile days numbered with, 
Horrors encumbered; Eternity soon
will unfold.

The day of redemption is near,
Men's hearts are failing for fear,
Be filled with the spirit, your
lamps trimmed, and burn,
Look up! Your redemption is near.

The fig tree is growing; Jerusalem's 
restoring, Her national life, Long 
dethroned, Today she is calling, her
latter rain is falling; Return O dispersed
to your own.

Heaven's power are shaking, and 
many are mistaking God's meaning 
to be of the sky; God's church is the power
that is shaking this hour; The day
of redemption is nigh.

False prophets are lying. God's truth, 
they are denying, That Jesus the Christ
is our GOD; Though this generation,
spurns God's revelation, We'll walk
where the apostles have trod.

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